The babas

Boy 1 – BOSS
Born 10.43pm, 330g

Boy 2 – JAG
Born 10.52pm, 328g

Boy 3 – KILLER
Born 11.25pm, 330g

Girl 1 – ENERGIE
Born 11.46pm, 276g

Boy 4 – REPLAY
Born 3.10am, 274g

Girl 2 – LEE
Born 9.45am, 338g

Girl 3 – RAVEN
Born 9.45am, 276g


Catch up – Update

It’s a time consuming, tiring, stressful as well as a wonderful, wonderful job, raising a litter. There is no space in the day though to update the website, hence it took a few weeks.
The pups have now all moved to their new homes. We found perfect homes for each of them, I am so happy and proud but also incredibly sad. The last 8 weeks were amazing – watching them grow and develop their little personalities, teaching and socialising them – I have dedicated every day and every minute to these babies and it is already paying off in every possible way. They are confident, independent, bomb proof, sociable, loving, content and outgoing puppies, prepared and equipped for whatever may happen and ready to explore the world.
I never planned on keeping a puppy for myself and I don’t really like male dogs but sometimes, things just don’t go to plan. I couldn’t help but fall in love with ‘Killer’ – he is the most adorable puppy, so into me and such a little darling. So we up the number of dogs in the house by 2 – Energie and Killer are staying. More about them soon.
Boss went to live with his dad Levi, Jag moved to Germany, Replay to Holland, Lee doesn’t live too far from us and Raven is up in Scotland. More details and pictures (soon) on the Blue Jeans litter page.
Now that the puppies are gone, we started intensive Crufts preparation. Lia was great mum but is now enjoying regular training and swimming sessions, getting fit and ready for the green carpet. My little career girl…


Halligalli Blue Jeans litter

On Wednesday 16/11/16 Lia gave birth to 7 beautiful babies. 4 boys and 3 girls of which 5 have been born naturally and 2 came out 6 hours later at the vets.
After Number 5 was born at 3am we all went to bed, thinking that was it as we could only see 5 on the scan anyway. At 8am Lia started having contractions again and as they got bigger and bigger, we decided to take her and the pups to the vets where we could see a spine and a beating heart on the scan! As the spotted puppy was still very high up, they decided to do a C section to quickly get it out. It was all quite stressful and sad but luckily with a positive outcome – 20 minutes later we had 2 brilliantly healthy puppies who wanted to come at the same time and none of them wanted to give way, hence the delay lol.

Lia is doing very well. She slept all day Thursday and didn’t want to move a lot for a few days but now, a week later, she recovered fine and loves being a mum.

The puppies have almost doubled in weight, are very active and absolutely beautiful. I’m a very proud nanny.

More information and pictures on the ‘Blue Jeans litter‘ page.


Dreams do come true

Ob. Ch. Dumf and Galwy Halligalli


On the 2nd October 2016, at Elm Park Championship Show, we won our 3rd CC. under Pat Batchelor.
Lia is now an Obedience Champion and I am completely overwhelmed.

Lia and Levi

Lia came in season early and although it messed up our plans a little, it’s actually perfect and will leave us more time to get ready for Crufts. With Levi being almost 11 years old, I wanted to get the timing spot on so decided to see a canine specialist in reproduction, Hector Heathcote from UK CLONE. The whole team was very helpful and knowledgeable – can highly recommend them. So we went up to Birmingham, tried to mate them Sunday and Monday and although both were up for it, we had no success and decided to do AI. Julie Gray from BREED MY DOG, a very experienced vet who also specialised in canine reproduction, was just amazing and after doing another progesterone test Monday, we were advices to do a second AI the following day. Levi’s sperm was very active and of good quality and according to the testes, the timing was just perfect. Now the waiting game begins….


Eazi goes Crufts 2017

Yeah, Eazi and Di won the ticket in Thames DTC Championship Show under Janet Oliver.
They did an amazing round and although it was bloody stressful it was all worth it in the end and we (I say we) got red! Crufts will be even better now, with all my favourite girls by my side.


Lupitoonz puppies 2016

Keke (Lupitoonz Keke Monkey) has been mated to a fantastic dog from Raeanne lines – a great pedigree and a perfect match to Keke.

We had her scanned on day 35 of pregnancy and could see 7 pups (or grapes)! She is getting rounder every day, tires quicker and is very very very hungry! Puppies are expected on the 11th October – we are looking forward to more madness in our house.