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Lia and Levi

Lia came in season early and although it messed up our plans a little, it’s actually perfect and will leave us more time to get ready for Crufts. With Levi being almost 11 years old, I wanted to get the timing spot on so decided to see a canine specialist in reproduction, Hector Heathcote from UK CLONE. The whole team was very helpful and knowledgeable – can highly recommend them. So we went up to Birmingham, tried to mate them Sunday and Monday and although both were up for it, we had no success and decided to do AI. Julie Gray from BREED MY DOG, a very experienced vet who also specialised in canine reproduction, was just amazing and after doing another progesterone test Monday, we were advices to do a second AI the following day. Levi’s sperm was very active and of good quality and according to the testes, the timing was just perfect. Now the waiting game begins….



Eazi goes Crufts 2017

Yeah, Eazi and Di won the ticket in Thames DTC Championship Show under Janet Oliver.
They did an amazing round and although it was bloody stressful it was all worth it in the end and we (I say we) got red! Crufts will be even better now, with all my favourite girls by my side.


Lupitoonz puppies 2016

Keke (Lupitoonz Keke Monkey) has been mated to a fantastic dog from Raeanne lines – a great pedigree and a perfect match to Keke.

We had her scanned on day 35 of pregnancy and could see 7 pups (or grapes)! She is getting rounder every day, tires quicker and is very very very hungry! Puppies are expected on the 11th October – we are looking forward to more madness in our house.


News on my mad child! She’s naughty, fast, strong, keen and (way too) clever. A joy to train, not so much to own (haha) but we’re getting there!

Family reunited

We spent some lovely days in Germany, running a 3 days Obedience Course with Eva Hampe. I took the girls with me and used our free time for some training, nice walks and relaxing. It was fab to see all my friends – thank you Eva and Volker for a truly wonderful time.


The biggest surprise was a Crufts Party for Lia and me and some amazing presents. Thank you all my wonderful friends for all your support over the years, your positive energy and your friendship.


Some family pictures

Showbiz Update

The Showbizzzzz pups are doing brilliantly. I just never get round to write any updates.
We met Guus with Gucci and Coco in August and Jodi Lunn took some lovely pictures. You can definitely tell they are related.

Robbo (Halligalli Theatre of Dreams) is just getting more and more handsome every day. Again Jodi took these beautiful pictures. What a stunner he is.


Lia goes Crufts 2017

1st May 2016
Rugby DTC Championshop Show
Judge: John Verill

1st. Anna Herzog & Dumf And Galwy HalliGalli.
Wow what can one say except STUNNING!!!!!!!!! This team took my round apart. Lia was controlled, accurate and well up for it. Anna’s handling was smooth,well balanced and totally focused. As a team they complimented each other beautifully, it was a joy to judge!!!!! I was so pleased to award you your first Ticket and look forward to seeing the words OB.CH. In front of Lia’s name in the future.Mega well done, fantastic round.


14th May 2016
Wirral ATS Championship Show
Judge: Debbie Back

1st & CC – 216 DUMF AND GALWY HALLIGALLI (Losing 9.5)
FABULOUS!!! I have never noticed this team working before but I noticed them today. Clean, no-fuss handling, three good paces and beautifully trained sets clinched the deal today. Being picky, Lia is just a little behind the perfect position at times (for me) but I blame the fact that Anna has long, thin legs…… I also loved the ‘she’ll either do it or not’ attitude to scent, very refreshing 🙂
Congratulations and I’m sure that by March this team will have Ob Ch in front of their name.


I can’t wait to take my precious girl to Crufts. Thank you John and Debbie for thinking so highly of us and awarding us our 1st and 2nd CC.