Halligalli Blue Jeans litter

On Wednesday 16/11/16 Lia gave birth to 7 beautiful babies. 4 boys and 3 girls of which 5 have been born naturally and 2 came out 6 hours later at the vets.
After Number 5 was born at 3am we all went to bed, thinking that was it as we could only see 5 on the scan anyway. At 8am Lia started having contractions again and as they got bigger and bigger, we decided to take her and the pups to the vets where we could see a spine and a beating heart on the scan! As the spotted puppy was still very high up, they decided to do a C section to quickly get it out. It was all quite stressful and sad but luckily with a positive outcome – 20 minutes later we had 2 brilliantly healthy puppies who wanted to come at the same time and none of them wanted to give way, hence the delay lol.

Lia is doing very well. She slept all day Thursday and didn’t want to move a lot for a few days but now, a week later, she recovered fine and loves being a mum.

The puppies have almost doubled in weight, are very active and absolutely beautiful. I’m a very proud nanny.

More information and pictures on the ‘Blue Jeans litter‘ page.



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