Catch up – Update

It’s a time consuming, tiring, stressful as well as a wonderful, wonderful job, raising a litter. There is no space in the day though to update the website, hence it took a few weeks.
The pups have now all moved to their new homes. We found perfect homes for each of them, I am so happy and proud but also incredibly sad. The last 8 weeks were amazing – watching them grow and develop their little personalities, teaching and socialising them – I have dedicated every day and every minute to these babies and it is already paying off in every possible way. They are confident, independent, bomb proof, sociable, loving, content and outgoing puppies, prepared and equipped for whatever may happen and ready to explore the world.
I never planned on keeping a puppy for myself and I don’t really like male dogs but sometimes, things just don’t go to plan. I couldn’t help but fall in love with ‘Killer’ – he is the most adorable puppy, so into me and such a little darling. So we up the number of dogs in the house by 2 – Energie and Killer are staying. More about them soon.
Boss went to live with his dad Levi, Jag moved to Germany, Replay to Holland, Lee doesn’t live too far from us and Raven is up in Scotland. More details and pictures (soon) on the Blue Jeans litter page.
Now that the puppies are gone, we started intensive Crufts preparation. Lia was great mum but is now enjoying regular training and swimming sessions, getting fit and ready for the green carpet. My little career girl…



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