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2017 – now

Wow, well.. where to start?

To give you a mini overview of what happened over the last year (!), I’ll put some of the highlights in this post.

Sheep sheep and more sheep

Thanks to a good friend of mine, her knowledge and help, I have discovered a love for herding. The Collies and me have been to some clinics last year and have been training regularly on sheep and once even on ducks. Lia’s talent, her ability to read them and react accordingly (before I even realise what’s going on!) is incredible and teaches me so much. Itz and Nox are natruals too and I’m enjoying the new challenge.


Itzy Bitzy

Itz is a mini me in personality and it makes me laugh how similar we are in so many ways. She’s my mirror, my greatest challenge at times, my most beautiful drama and sweetest madhouse.¬†We won our first Novice last year and will crack on this season before she’ll have a litter in the summer.itznovice

Halligalli Blue Jeans litter

The babies have all turned into stunning dogs. More updates soon in more detail.

Crufts 2017 with my Obedience Champion

3 ticket wins 2016 at Rugby under John Verrill, Wirral under Debbie Back and Elm Park under Pat Batchelor. Thanks to all the judges who thought so highly of my girl and awarded us the CCs.

We qualified for Crufts 2017 and had an amazing time. Thanks to all involved for your support and for making it a special day to remember.

Here’s the video of our round CLICK