IMG_2954bHalligalli Hitz the Bigtime

D.O.B: 14/10/2014
Working Sheepdog
CEA: carrier
IGS/CL/TNS/MH: clear
MDR1 +/+
hip score 5/5
52kg, 19kg
Breeder: Anna Herzog (UK)



Itz is out of my first Halligalli litter – out of Lia and Gucci who I fell in love with when he was only a puppy and wanted to use him ever since. Itz was long planned and wished for and she has exceeded all my expectations by far. She’s a power house, a little tomboy and certainly the most sane dog I’ve ever met. Nothing fazes her, she can deal with all types of dogs, people and situations, she’s a mind reader and can adapt to everything and everyone in the blink of an eye. Itz is mentally strong and yet soft like a marshmallow, she always makes me laugh being her mad silly self, a bullet in a China shop at times, with the greatest attitude towards life.

“There is no great genius without some touch of madness!”


Whereas she lives a crazy life and enjoys it, Itzy is very literal and a real thinker when it comes to her work. It’s almost like she’d wish to sit back sometimes to think about it for a moment and then gives it her all to work it out. She is super fast and strong, you can feel the ground shake when she runs flat out and her stamina allows her to work for hours without physically tiring.
Her Obedience work is coming on nicely, we just need to gain some ring experience 2018. Herding is something I’ve tried with her over the summer and she is a little natural. We see what the future brings.. it’s certainly bright in Itzy’s world.



The mating Lia (Ob. Ch. Dumf and Galwy Halligalli) and Gucci (Danesway Duet) was a complete outcross to combine old english show lines with working lines, going back to a combination of sheepdog and Working Trails dogs. I’ve wanted to use Gucci ever since I met him as a pup. A dog with an attitude and work drive to die for and beautifully put together. He’s been bred by Lorraine Bennett (UK), out of Killiebrae Elbie by Waggerland Remror Roscoe. Roscoe is a powerful, stylish worker who produced some outstanding offspring. Itzy’s pedigree is full of well known dogs, talents in sheep trails, Working Trails and Obedience. Sylvia Bishop’s Sunny (Ob. Ch. Magic Sunday) has passed on his talent to his offspring and was one of those dogs people will always remember. Wt. Ch. Ules of Waggerland PDex and Wt. Ch. Quinn of Brentik PDex were both very successful Working Trails dogs and last but not least Eng. Nat. Ch. ’08 Killiebrae Laddie, a very well known first class sheepdog.

Video of Killiebrea Laddie – World Sheepdog Trail 2011 Click
Video of Waggerland Remror Roscoe Champ C 2010 Click



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