IMG_6074bOb. Ch. Dumf and Galwy Halli Galli

D.O.B: 01.01.2011
Border Collie
HD: A, ED: clear
eyes: clear’12
CEA/CL/TNS: clear
50cm, 15kg
Breeder: Eva und Volker Hampe (D)

Member of the German World Cup Team 2014
Qualified for Championship Obedience
Gained the Ob Ch titel 2016
Winner of 4 CCs 2016 and 2017





Lia is my once in a lifetime dog, my best friend, soulmate, everything I’ve ever wished for just million times better. I never dared to hope of getting ‘the perfect dog’ but she certainly is my perfect dog an I am forever grateful that we found each other. She is a real mummies girl, a people person and a bossy bitch. I am her world and she is mine. Lia is a very easy going dog, I can take her anywhere and I know she is 100% reliable regardless of the situation. There is so much about her that is special and I know I will never have another dog like her. She knows me insight out, makes me laugh with all her funny little ways and has pulled me through some bad times. Her face is like a fairytale – she’s got the kindest eyes and the prettiest smile and when she tilts her head it’s like she’s listening carefully and doesn’t want to miss a word. Lia was the bestest ever mum to all her babies and I am the proudest owner to have a dog who’s so good in everything she does. She has certainly passed on her lovely nature, unquestioned confidence and life-loving attitude – all I feel towards her is gratitude for sharing her life with me.


Her Obedience career has been an amazing journey for both of us. She has made everything possible and I loved every minute of it, from our first training sessions and seminars to ticket wins and Crufts appearance. I would not be where I am today without her. We won out of Novice when Lia was only 1,5 years old, qualified for ticket 3 years later and have won 3 CCs in our first year competing in Championship Class. Making her up to an Obedience Champion has always been a dream which became reality end of 2016, those important letters that she deserved so much.
Working her is and always has been easy, rewarding and a pure success. She is a little pocket rocket, clever and always determined to get it all right to please me. Lia loves her work but has always done it for me. She has guided me through the toughest competitions, always 100% focussed and eager – she is such an honest dog and no challenge was too hard for her to face.
We have reached all my goals and so much more and I won’t be doing may more competitions with her. We will try some herding trails next year as this is another of her many talents and just enjoy everything life throws at us.


3rd June 2017 – 1st Place and 4th CC at Lisburn Champ Show
12th March 2017 – Crufts
1st October 2016 – 1st Place and 3rd CC at Elm Park Champ Show *gained Ob Ch titel*
14th May 2016 – 1st Place and 2nd CC at Wirral Champ Show
1st May 2016 – 1st Place and 1st CC at Rugby Champ Show
19th May 2015 – 1st Place C Class, qualified for Championship Class
16th May 2015 – 1st Place C Class, 3rd qualifier
25th April 2015 – 1st Place C Class, 2nd qualifier
04th August 2013 – 1st Place C Class at Halstead (UK), C only, 1st qualifier
18th August 2012 – 1st Place Novice at Ditton (UK)
19th Februar 2012 – 1st Place Prebeginner and Beginner at Kerkwijk (NL)


Lia was bred by Eva and Volker Hampe, Dumf and Galwy Border Collies. Out of Dumf and Galwy Ewephoria (Summer) by Tamerrye Celtic Laird (Miller). This mating produced 6 amazing dogs, very typey and all fabulous dogs inside and out. They got a body to move and perform effortlessly and a mind to go through life without ever failing to succeed.
Summer is ‘Bekkis’ bred and the best example of all the positive attributes of the line. Her sire Bekkis Virtuoso TDex competed at the highest Working Trail level and is a stylish worker with great attitude which he passed onto his offspring. Woody has also gained 3 res CCs in the breed show ring. Summer’s pedigree is full of Border Collie VIPs, her line stands for fabulous confirmation combined with amazing drive and work ethic. Sh. Ch. Bekkis Genesis, Sh. Ch. Grandver Master Copy, Sh. Ch. Bekkis Hellz a Poppin, Sh. Ch. Bekkis Kitemark etc.
Miller is out of Tamerrye The Ferrari by Bellatrix Highlander CDex UDex. He is a very typey Collie, very much like his dad Chase – a dog full of charisma, with a flawless temperament and beautifully put together. The combination Tasha x Chase got repeated 3 times – all great workers and sound family pets, competing in Agility, Obedience and Working Trails.



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