img_2308.jpgHalligalli Knockout

D.O.B: 16/11/2016
Working Sheepdog
CEA: carrier
IGS/CL/TNS/MH: clear
MDR1 +/+
hip score:
54 cm, 20kg
Breeder: Anna Herzog (UK)



Nox was never planned and I never wanted a boy ever again. He stole my heart right from day go and although I tried very hard to resist his dark brown eyes and that look that goes straight through you, I gave in at the end, fell in love with this handsome fella and he stayed. He is my perfect baby boy, mad, full of joy and craziness but still so affectionate, smart and heart-meltingly gorgeous. Nox is a player, loves suckling his fluffy toys until they are completely soaked or he falls asleep, absolutely exhausted from all that jaw work. If he could run and play tug all day, he would (with some suckle breaks). Run, tug, run, tug. It’s hectic watching him sometimes and there was certainly no natural off switch installed. He loves life and is always up to whatever comes next. My positive vibes baby – too comical that his litter name was Killer!


Oh my god well where shall I start. I knew I would get another pup with potential and a great work ethic. And although I am very aware I might be a little biased, but Nox is the superlative of a good working dog in what I need and expect. Physically he is super fast, build like a superhero – solid muscle and beautifully put together, he’s got stunning movement, reach and drive, turns on the spot and accelerates from nothing to Jesus Christ fast in macro seconds. Mentally he is so determined and strong but a huge team player and wants nothing more than getting things done. He chatters his teeth when he gets excited, strops when he gets it wrong and does a happy dance when he is right. Nox is full of emotions and such an honest dog – you get what you see and you see what you get.


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